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4 Short Hairstyles to Flaunt This Summer

As the season gets warmer, wanting to feel fresh and airy becomes almost a distant dream. I can only imagine how hard it must be for women with long beautiful hair. As much as I love my long wavy hair, I wish I could just, may be get rid of them for two months in a year. The unbelievable hot sweltering sun makes me want to take the brutal step! Is it really that big a deal? There are these lovely options to choose from, short hair definitely would make me look much younger, and I do get to feel the air on my neck. If you are as confused and are wondering what to do, read through the rest of the blog to see what all is in store for you.

1. Short BobsBob2_350px X 250px_WHITE

Short bobs are surely the most convenient hairstyles for summer season. It saves time and effort to keep your mane tidy and neat. In addition to making you look younger, it gives you another chance to go shopping too. Yes! With a short bob haircut, you might want to pick the right clothes too.

2. Keep it Short and Blunt

angled blunt_350px X 225px
Blunt ends are lovely when you have hair that’s sleek and shiny. You don’t need to go all the way to get it curled at the ends. Blunt ends on short hair look cool too. Add a quirky twist by keeping the ends slightly angled. How about keeping hair absolutely short on neck and having it little longer on sides? This warrants a shopping trip too.

3. Layered Bobs

images (1)_350px X 225px
Does this shout unheard, novel and awesome? Why shouldn’t it? Remember how long layered bangs on Kate Middleton made the fashion world go crazy a couple of years? Now try this layered your look on your short hair and make your admirers go crazy.

4. Short and Curly

short and curly_350px X 225px
Curls have always been fascinating to many. Short curly hair was the style statement of 1960’s. Fortunately for many of us, it has not gone old with time rather become more stylish. On your short and curly crown you can try various styles such as side and middle parting, hair colours and cute accessories such as hair pins.

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