5 Reasons Manicure & Pedicure is Must in Summer

Beautiful Nails
Do you hesitate from shaking hands?
Are you concerned about your rough palms?
Do you stop yourself from buying fancy sandals; because your feet have cracks and you are worried people might see it?

You wished there was somehow a way that would ensure that your feet, fingers and toe nails always looked perfect?
Well, I do. I wish my hands and feet always looked perfect, with minimum maintenance from my side. I wish it was that easy. Hands and feet, often the most ignored part of the body, unfortunately requires utmost attention and care. The healthier your feet are, the healthier you are. There are ways and steps that you can take to make them stay healthy and actually catch people’s attention, this time for a good reason. We all know manicures and pedicures are ways to pamper oneself. Clean fingernails and toenails painted with vibrant colours surely look beautiful. But, did you know manicures and pedicures can offer some health benefits too? Let’s find out how can manicures and pedicures keep you happy, pretty and healthy?

Improves skin Health


Starting from touching your furniture at home to using detergents or cleaning agents on clothes and harmless crockery, our hands are exposed to a variety of harsh products often many times on a single day. A manicure procedure focuses much on cleaning hands, removing dead skin, removing any dirt deposition under your nails and so on. During the procedure the nail cuticles are softened and pushed back gently. Cuticles serve to protect your nails and so it is important to give due attention to it. Regular manicure ensures that your hands are well hydrated, there are no rough patches in your palms, and regular care means your skin stays healthy.


Pedicures are similar to manicures except that they are specially designed for the feet. Feet are the most neglected part of the body and ironically the most important. Starting from creating an impression to an unknown audience, to defining how healthy you are, feet play a very important role. A pedicure procedure focuses on cleaning the feet, removing dirt from toe nails, giving them the much need shape and removing of dead skins. Regular pedicure ensures that your feet smell great, feel great and you are only worried about coordinating your sandals with the nail color.
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Retains Skin Moisture

With rising temperatures and humidity it is very likely that you lose moisture from the skin. If only every time we washed our face and moisturized it, we did so for our feet & hands and moisturize them too. Since we don’t do that all the time, it is only natural that the hands and feet get dry and rough. Manicures and pedicures both include soaking hands or feet in warm water that contains mild cleansing and moisturizing agents. Once you let your feet or hands soak in the warm water, massaging them using some moisturizing lotions or oils helps to improve the texture of the skin and replenish the lost moisture. Regular and timely care can prevent your skin from cracking up, having dry ends and developing rough edges.
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Helps You De-Stress

Manicure and pedicure both include a relaxing massage. Pedicure, is a great way to provide basic care for your feet. Foot massage has been proven to relax body and mind. It helps you to get rid of tiredness and fatigue.

Try relaxing pedicure and forget all your stresses

Detects Nail or Skin Problems

Since manicures and pedicures include massage, it allows a regular closer examination of hands and feet. This helps to detect any skin or nail problems at a very early stage. Nails are prone to developing fungal infection due to excessive sweating during summers. Manicures and pedicures are therefore must to prevent or detect problems such as fungal infections.

Makes Your Hands and Feet Appear Visually Pleasing

After a manicure or pedicure what you get is tidy, shaped and strong nails with glow. With summer around the corner, most of you would be getting out of the socks and slide your feet into the slip ons or the lovely pee toes. So, get ready to flaunt your clean and neat toes through a pedicure.
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