7 Makeup Secrets for Summer Bride


Indian weddings are a great fun. Clothes, jewelry, music, flowers, colours, food, we love it all. But the summer wedding makes many brides sigh. Of course, it is difficult to maintain a smile while you feel the sebum oozing out on face and melting away all the makeup. Here we present to you some great tips to stay, look and feel fresh on your D-day.

1. Rub Ice Over Face Before Applying Makeup

This will surely give you a pleasant feeling. But, does not stop there! Rubbing ice over face minimizes the size of pores. Closed pores create smooth skin surface which is easier to work with during makeup application. So, before you start with your makeup, rub an ice cube all over cleansed face and pat it gently to dry.

2. Make moisturiser Your Secret Makeup Assistant 

It is always good to keep you skin moisturised in all seasons. However, the type of moisturiser may vary based on the weather outside. If you have been using heavy moisturising creams, you may now switch to some lighter moisturisers. Warmer temperatures and bright sunshine can make your skin dehydrated, remember to boost your moisture levels.

3. Say Yes to Water-Proof Make Up

Maintaining make up for long time during hot and humid weather is a real challenge. And this can make summer brides get really anxious and nervous. But, sticking to water-proof make up products can do the trick. Oil based make up gives a great finish and shine to the face, but you surely don’t want your face to look too greasy and sticky over time. So bride-to-be, pick those water-proof makeup products that will seal the joyful colours on your face. And, you are free to be yourself and let go your emotions without taking any make up away.

4. Oily Base is a Big No 

Adjusting your make-up style to reflect the seasonal changes is must. If you have been using heavy oily or creamy bases, you may now switch to some lighter ones. Choosing a right shade and type of base is the most important step in your makeup. Make sure you choose water based foundations or other type of base that does not crack and leave visible cracking marks on your face.  Also, don’t forget to use brush or sponge to apply the base. Avoid using your fingers as it may leave fingerprints and may also cause bacterial infections.

5. Use Smudge-Proof Eyeliners

You must have had a bad day with eye liner on a humid summer day before. The liquid eye liner looks perfect when you apply it, but as the time passes it may migrate to the ends and totally mess up your eye makeup. On your wedding day make sure you carefully choose smudge- proof eyeliner or gel liner. If possible avoid liquid liner and settle on a cake liner. You can mix it with an eyeliner sealing product. After you’ve lined your eyes, just put some of the sealer on your liner brush, and again sketch a line over the one you made with cake liner.

6. Opt For Powder Based Blush

During summer, heat surely can cause havoc on your makeup and your blush will be one of the first things to go. Creamy blushes tend to get oily and so, opt for a soft, powdery formula that will look fresh and absorb oil that is already oozing out on your face.

7. Choose Fresh Lip Colors

Although summer reflects heat and sweat, it is also the most charming season when the nature shows its charm. The flowers are in full bloom and everything around looks so colorful. This should inspire you to choose fresh and vibrant lip colours. Of course, you have to pay attention to your skin tone while you choose one. For instance, those with white skin tone can settle on both warm and cool red colours such as coral or pink based red and even maroons. Women with yellow overtones, warm red like oranges, coral and scarlet reds are your colours. And, those of you with dusky or brown tones cool red with darker maroon shades are for you.

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