Best Hair Colours for Whole New Look

Do you know what gives your hair its natural colour? It’s the pigment melanin that determines if your hair would be blond, brown, black, or red naturally. Of course, you cannot control the production of melanin and so the natural colour of your hair. But, the good news is that you can change the natural colour of your hair. If you think your hair is too dull for spring, you can transform your locks into something vibrant with the help of L’OREAL hair colours. We at Jazz Up Salon will help you get the trendy looks using the wide L’OREAL Hair Colour range.

If you are someone who loves to be up-to date with the style that is so in fashion, here is a list of best hair colours of 2015. Our hair experts at Jazz Up Salon will recommend the best colour that suits your skin tone and personality.

Deep Red

It’s not just about the colour but all about attitude! Those of you bold folks, red is your colour. Your radiant hair colours can actually speak your bold personality and call out your name loud. And, don’t forget red colour itself is a great hair accessory. People working in creative field such as design, advertisement agency, or glamour industry prefer funky looks and so red hair colours are the best choice for them.

Dark Red Hair_350px X 225px
Go Blonde

Warmer and lighter shades are always a fun and are in style. If you have a lighter skin tone and can carry off the blonde colour on your crown, nothing should stop you. Blonde shades can be carried off well by people in any profession. But, if you like to keep it very subtle may be you can think streaking the crown portion rather than global colouring.

Dark Blonde Hair_350px X 225px
Play with Mocha shades  

Mocha is the colour trend of the season. The shades such as rich mocha brown with golden blonde and caramel go very well with all skin tones. And, these are the shades that are perfect for serious officer goers. You surely don’t want the team to keep staring at your deep red hair in budget meetings right?

Lena Del_350px X 225px
A Perfect Blend of Copper And Gold

A soft golden hue mixed with a bit of copper can actually make you look as bright as spring. This is another perfect pick for those serious officer goers. Your hair surely won’t speak out “bold and loud” if you are really not one.

evalongoriaparker1_350px X 225px
Go with Ombre

We are absolutely in love with the ombre hair colour trend. The hair that’s has perfect layering of deep brown running into blond ends gets you the best look. Ombres are actually for people who love to keep it up-to-date and very stylish at any occasion.

Best Brown Hair_350px X 225px

So people, don’t wait anymore to get that amazing look you always wanted.  After all life is not just black and white, isn’t it? Just head to any of our Jazz Up Salon and let the transformation begin. You can visit to get details and book your appointment.

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