• Indian weddings are a great fun. Clothes, jewelry, music, flowers, colours, food, we love it all. But the summer wedding makes many brides sigh. Of course, it is difficult to maintain a smile while you feel the sebum oozing out on face and melting away all the makeup. Here we present to you some great tips to stay, look and feel fresh on your D-day.

  • The summer is coming! And like every year it’s going to be hot, humid and sweaty. Most style freaks hate this season as it surely gives a hard time keeping the hair and make-up in place.  But, if you choose your style smartly, summers won’t be that boring.

  • The rising temperatures and humid weather in summer can take a toll on your skins health. It’s not just the heat, but high levels of UV rays can wreak havoc on the sun exposed skin. In addition increased pollution, and lifestyle related stress or such as poor sleep, bad eating habits and smoking can cause detrimental effects on your skin.

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