Caring For Your Hair Through LOREAL Hair Treatments

Do you remember the story of Rapunzel, and her long and strong hair?


Beautiful hair surely serves as an accessory. But, not everyone is blessed with naturally soft, thick and shiny hair of a shampoo model. In addition some stressor in modern lifestyle such as increasing pollution, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, smoking, etc. can have detrimental effects on hair and make it look lifeless.  Dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, brittle hair etc. are some common hair problems and many of us have suffered one or two of these hair woes.

If you have been having a “bad hair day” almost every day, you need not be annoyed anymore. Of course, you can’t change the picture overnight and totally transform your hair into shiny and smooth locks. But, with proper and regular care you can have healthy hair.  At Jazz Up Salon we offer some great hair treatments by LOREAL that are tailored to cure a specific problem and transform your hair into bunch of silky soft strands. Here is a brief description of each therapy that we offer.

All Hair Types

Hair Spa

Hair spa is a great way to pamper your hair and give it the much needed nourishment and care. It is a special nourishing treatment that combines cleansing, steam and scalp massage to restore scalp and hair balance. Read more on hair spa At Jazz Up Salon our hair experts first analyze your hair and scalp type and recommend the hair spa accordingly.

For Dry & Damaged Hair

1. Lipidium Primer Reconstruct / RENEW-C

Lipidium is a concentrated repairing treatment for dry, damaged, devitalized, and lifeless hair. It basically works to neutralize and repair the damage caused to your hair. This treatment works on the internal structure of your hair follicles and makes it stronger and resistant to breakage.

2. Lipidium Power Reconstruct / Power Dose

This is a post-wash deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and add extra shine to the dry hair. Power Repair Lipidium mainly works on the cuticle (outermost) part of the hair. This hair treatment provides deep down care, providing a firming and strengthening action, leaving the hair soft, supple, strengthened and easy to style.

For Highly Damaged & Brittle Hair

 Lipidium Vapo Reconstruct / Cellular Repair

Highly damaged hair requires more intense treatment. This is a rich treatment that is designed to repair your hair from within its cellular structure. It improves the strength of hair.

For Coloured Hair

Crystal Ceutice

Coloured hair gives you a stylish look. But, if you do not pay attention to post-color hair care, you may have a problem of dry and damaged hair. Hair colours actually reach out to the inner parts of your hair and therefore you need some intense treatment that can give deep protection. Crystal Ceutice is a color locking treatment that maintains the colour on your hair and also prevents it from the damage.

For Straightened/Permed Hair

Pro Keratin Treatment

Hair treatments such as straightening or perming make use of chemicals and heat to change the structure of your hair. This can cause damage to hair follicles if proper after-care is not done. Pro Keratin Treatment is a power packed nourishing treatment that rebuilds and restores weakened, chemically treated hair.

 For Oily and Sensitive Scalp

Inner Spa

Oily and sticky hair can be embarrassing at times. People with oily scalp often find it difficult to control oil secretion even after regular shampooing of hair. On the other hand, people with sensitive skin are always in a state of dilemma when it comes to choosing the right hair product or treatment to suit their scalp. Inner Spa uses some special shampoo and masque that controls the oil production from scalp. At Jazz Up Salon we use some mild and gentle products for those with sensitive scalp. For distinct results, it is recommended to go for Inner Spa at least once in 15 days with right homecare.


For Dandruff Prone & Itchy Scalp

Clear Dose / Anti-Dandruff Dose

Imagine a disastrous moment with distinct and visible flakes of dandruff on your clothes! You can surely avoid such embarrassing moments and constant urge to scratch your head through Clear Dose / Anti-Dandruff Dose treatment. This treatment uses some special shampoo and masque that can help you get rid of dandruff and itchiness in scalp. For distinct results, use Inner Spa at least once in 15 days with right homecare.

To avail these hair treatments you can visit any Jazz Up Salon in Pune. Click here to check rates and book appointment.

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