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Current Vacancies

Recruitment at Jazz Up is an ongoing process. You can e-mail your resume (bio-data) for any of the following positions:

Stylists / Senior Stylists: To provide haircuts  and styling, treatments, colours, straightening  etc.

Beauticians / Senior Beauticians: To provide facials, clean-ups, waxing, threading etc.

Pedicurists: To provide manicures and pedicures.

Guest Relationship Executive:  To handle guest appointments, feedback, billing and memberships.

Salon Manager / Assistant Salon Manager: To manage complete guest experience, salon team, salon operations and targets.

Please note: All jobs are in Mumbai and Pune only. Fresher’s may also apply.

Is Jazz Up Salon the right place for you?
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  3. Are you disciplined?
  4. Are you a team player?
  5. Are you enthusiastic about achieving goals?

If your answer is YES to all the above, congratulations! Your personality is ideal for working with Jazz Up Salon.

E-mail your Resume (Bio-Data) to

Shraddha Shikhare
Shraddha Shikhare
Mobile: +91 8454841552

How does it feel to work with Jazz Up?

Pankaj Choudhary
“I like the responsibility and respect I get at Jazz Up. I get to use my experience to coach new stylists.”
“I have worked with Jazz Up from day 1 and it’s a place that cares for its employees.”
“Coming from a non-salon background I thought it would be a challenge for me. But the training provided by Jazz Up made it easy for me to understand my job easily.”
Almira Dunn
“Working with Jazz Up lets me meet so many new people and manage a team. What I do and how I perform matters to the company and I like that.”