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Summer Hairstyles for Men and Women

The summer is coming! And like every year it’s going to be hot, humid and sweaty. Most style freaks hate this season as it surely gives a hard time keeping the hair and make-up in place. But, if you choose your style smartly, summers won’t be that boring. After all, you like to keep it stylish whole year round.

Here we present some great hair styling ideas that demand minimal efforts to maintain. Busy office going men and women, funky teenagers, or just a home maker, we have something for each one of you! Our professionally trained hairstylists at Jazz Up Salon in Mumbai and Pune can help you have these great haircuts. Browse through the list of hair styles to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

For Women

Funky Teenager



Short bobs are surely the most convenient hairstyles for this season. Try the colored look and go for L’Oreal Professional Majirel colour range available at Jazz up Salon in Pune. Our expert hair stylist can help you to choose the perfect hue to suit your skin color and personality. Pixie cuts are so cool and can surely make you look like a funky.

A Serious Office Woman



So, you don’t like to try the funky look?Well, we have something for you too. Center parting is the most popular hairstyles of 2015. Style your shoulder length hair with a centre parting. A perfect look for a busy working woman! If you have been facing problem of frizzy hair, you may consider applying some product such as L’Oreal absolute repair lipidium serum re-constructor (available in all Jazz Up Salons in Pune) to keep your hair in place.

Simple Yet Elegant Ponytail Look



No, the ponytail can’t be that boring if you add some stylish twist to it. Pull your hair up in a simple ponytail and add an attractive accessory such as ribbons, bow, or some studded elastic band. For, a fluffier ponytail look, try teasing your hair with finger and then tuck it neatly in an elastic band. If you feel that the frizzy hair on crown is spoiling your look, dig out those broad hair bands from your closet. Stylish hair band and a ponytail makes it for a perfect look! You can use some great styling product offered by L’Oreal for frizz-free hair.

For Men

Comfortable Yet Stylish



As the temperature rises outside, combine comfort and style by styling your hair long on top with short back and sides. You can use some product such as L’Oreal Professional techniart WEB (available in all Jazz Up Salons in Pune) before stepping out to work on the top portion of hair to keep it in place.

Crew Cut with a Twist



Crew cut seems like the best choice for summer. Add a twist by keep the crown portion longer and shaving hair around the sides and back.

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