Taking Care of Dry Hair Through Hair Spa


Daily travel through polluted city roads, exposure to sun, unexpected rain showers, and demanding jobs allowing very little time for self-care!

Do the circumstances sound familiar to you? Well, not just you but thousands of other people especially women living in metros have this never ending struggle to manage their hair.  Who would not love the luxurious, silky hair of a shampoo model? At times we casually curse the weather or even our shampoo for our messed up mane, but little do we care to think if our hair is receiving the right nourishment. Let’s have a quick look at some common causes of dry hair.

Culprits of Dry Hair

Unhealthy Eating Habits

If you have been consuming protein and vitamin deficient diet, it surely will make your hair look lifeless, dry and brittle

Weather Extremes

Over exposure to sun as during summers or dry weather in winters can lead to brittle hair problems if adequate care is not taken.

Excessive Use of Heat Styling

Regular hair styling using hot irons or rollers can take away all the moisture from hair and make it dry.

Wrong Shampoo 

Use of shampoo that contains harsh chemicals or cleansing agents can actually do more harm to your hair than any good.

Health Conditions 

In some cases, health problems such as hormonal imbalance, or even some eating disorders like anorexia may leave your hair dry and unhealthy.

If you have been facing a problem of dry hair, you don’t need to panic anymore! The good news is experts have developed some effective treatments to take care of your dry hair. Remember dry hair is not a type of hair, it’s a condition and you need to pay attention to it. Hair spa is a great way to pamper your hair and give it the much needed nourishment and care. It is a special nourishing treatment that combines cleansing, hair treatment, steam and scalp massage to restore scalp and hair balance. We at Jazz up Salon take the responsibility to overcome your problem of dry hair. Here is an insight into how hair spas help you to get rid of dryness in hair.

What Does a Hair Spa Include?

Broadly the hair spa includes, massaging the scalp, steam and application of hair mask.

  • Massaging the scalp with special oils or lotions stimulate the hair root, which further can promotes hair growth.
  • The application of steam helps to absorb the oils and thus your hair can regain the lost moisture.
  • The hair masks provides deep conditioning to the scalp, hair roots and fibers

Overall, hair spa provides deep relaxation, nourishment and, most importantly, restores the lost moisture from your hair. It also helps to calm down your mind and get de-stressed through massage.

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