Taking Care of Skin Through Facials


The rising temperatures and humid weather in summer can take a toll on your skins health. It’s not just the heat, but high levels of UV rays can wreak havoc on the sun exposed skin. In addition increased pollution, and lifestyle related stressors such as poor sleep, bad eating habits and smoking can cause detrimental effects on your skin. Unwanted pigmentation problems like brown spots or dark dull looking skin can impact your overall confidence. The good news is experts have developed some methods and treatments for attaining a blemish-free and glowing skin!  And, what seems better than a relaxing facial to defend the chaos of summer heat. Read further to understand how facials can benefit you this summer.

Why Facials?

Facial massage is the most common therapy used for beautification. It helps to rejuvenate the skin, making it look healthy, young and supple. Facial massage involves steaming (using a hot towel or a face steamer), massaging of face with creams, and application of a face mask containing adsorbents and astringents. Massage relaxes the facial muscles and increases the blood circulation. Massaging the face using oil is believed to increase the collagen production which repairs the skin damage and darkening caused due to sun exposure and helps the skin regain its elasticity.

What Do We Offer to Correct the Summer Havoc?

The facials offered at the Jazz Up Salon are packed in the goodness of nature and science that will leave you looking and feeling great. Here is a list of facials we recommend to beat the stress and heat of summer.

Radiance Facial

Revitalises and brightens your complexion resulting in a natural glow. Radiance facial is great for those with normal, dry and mature skin

Matte Facial

If you have an oily skin, summers can give you many ‘bad skin’ days.  The heat may actually cause the oil to ooze out and settle on your skin making your face appear dark and oily. Matte facial can be your perfect remedy as it clears, and heals greasy and congested skin.

Insta Glow

Insta Glow appears to be most appropriate facial this season. This facial helps you to get rid of pigmentation and tanning and instantly reveals fresh and refined skin.

Revive Facial

A must do facial for summer. It prevents blemishes and balances your skin’s oiliness without excessive drying and irritation

Jazz Up Signature Facial

This is our ‘all time favorite’ facial. This luxurious facial has essential peels, tonics, serums and masks to brighten your skin and improve its texture.

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