Jazz Up is run by folks who think, feel and act just like you. So we’ve created a space that mirrors your interests.

Yellow Everything

Yellow is the colour of warmth and friendship and you’ll see splashes of it on our walls, picket fences and t-shirts.

Radio Jazz Up

Tune in to our very own music station, where we play a different genre of music everyday. Listen to Jazz on Tuesdays, Country on Wednesdays, Club on Saturdays and our signature collection on Sundays.

World’s Smallest Library

In the age of all things big and grand, here’s something to prove that small is beautiful. Dig into our mini but invaluable treasure chest of books and lose yourself in other people’s minds.

The Wall

Look out for the wall. See what other guests have to say about our services, stylists and beauticians. Give us a thumbs-up if you agree.

So when you’re at Jazz Up, don’t forget to check these out.