Being a young and vibrant salon brand, Jazz Up Salon uses friendly technology to give you an unfair advantage (Like one of our guests said, with 2 of the 3 co-founders being engineers, technology had to creep in somewhere!)

Check out these first-of-its kind innovations that place Jazz Up Salon at the cutting edge of styling and care.

Digi-Styler Click to try

Ever wondered if you could somehow try a new look before actually getting one?  With our revolutionary Digi-Styler it’s now possible.Try hundreds of hairstyles and hair colours before choosing your favourite look.

How does it work? Simple.  When you visit our salon, we click and upload your photograph into the Digi-Styler. You browse our library containing hundreds of hairstyles and hair colour options that can be applied to your photograph. Once you pick the one you like best, our trained hairstylist does the rest. That’s it!

Hair Analyser (Coming Soon!)

Everybody’s hair is different. And so is everyone’s hair problem. But how do you find out without relying on another person’s subjective judgement? Jazz Up Salon’s proprietary Hair Analyser will put all such doubts to rest. Get scientific analysis of your hair and scalp and treatment recommendations that make sense without compromising your style. Watch this space for more

Skin Analyser (Coming Soon!)

You know your skin best. Soon, we will too! With our soon-to-be-launched Skin Analyser, understanding your skin’s condition and needs will be child’s play. The advanced dermascope built into our Skin Analyser helps us see what is invisible to the naked eye and provide customised solutions appropriate to your skin type and condition. So whether dry or oily, acne-prone or sensitive, rest assured that your facials and clean-ups will get as scientific as they possibly can be.