Facial and Clean-Up

Facials & Clean-Ups

Tone down the stress. Peel off the pollution. Mask the imperfections. Pack in the goodness of nature and science with our basic, advanced and luxury facials that will leave you looking and feeling great.

What Every Face Needs

Rejuvenate Facial
(For normal, dry and oily skin)
Nourish and revitalize the skin with this facial for a healthy and radiant complexion.

Rejuvenate Facial Rs. 1800
Matte Facial
(For acne-prone, oily and combination skin)
Clears and heals greasy, congested skin.

Matte Facial Rs. 1500
Aqua Soft Facial
(For sensitive skin)
Hydrates, calms and tones your skin gently.

Aqua Soft Facial Rs. 1500
Bright & Glow Facial
(For normal, dry and oily skin)
Using the active herbal ingredients, this instant glow facial makes the skin lighter by eliminating dead skin cells & uncovers lighter glowing skin.

Bright & Glow Facial Rs. 1600
Forever Young Facial
(For normal, dry and oily skin)
This restorative facial smoothens the fine lines and firms skin tone for a healthy, radiant, and youthful skin and renews elasticity of the skin.

Forever Young Facial Rs. 1600
Radiance Facial
(For normal, dry and mature skin)
Revitalises and brightens your complexion resulting in a natural glow.

Radiance Facial Rs. 1500
When Your Face Needs Extra Care

(For oily, combination and pigmented skin)
The new improved Luminous Peel technology helps reduce excess tan and oil while instantly softening and whitening the skin providing it a radiant look.

Luminous Rs. 2200
Insta Glow
(For pigmented, tanned skin and uneven skin tone)
Helps you get rid of pigmentation and tanning and instantly reveals fresh and refined skin.

Insta Glow Rs. 2500
(For deep pits, scars, open pores and acne-prone skin)
Restores deep pits, scars and heals acne. Also gives a glowing complexion with nourishment to keep your skin supple.

Restore Rs. 2500
When Your Face Needs Much, Much More
(For all skin types except acne-prone skin)Thumbs_up
Takes you on a journey of total renewal. Pure pampering, this luxurious facial has essential peels, tonics, serums and masks to brighten your skin and improve its texture.

Jazz Up Signature Facial Rs. 3200
Pearl White Facial
(For normal to dry skin)
Puts back into your skin what tough days have taken out. This facial is tailor-made to add glow and leave your skin feeling soft & silky.

Pearl White Facial Rs. 2900
Revive Facial
(For oily, combination, pigmented and acne-prone skin)
Prevents blemishes and balances your skin’s oiliness without excessive drying and irritation.

Revive Facial Rs. 2900
Age-Defence Facial
(For dry to mature skin)
Restores your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. This multi-step skin renewing facial lifts your skin to leave it soft and plumped up.

Age-DefenceFacial Rs. 2900
Eye Expert
(For dark circle, puffiness,wrinkle)
Helps you get rid of dark circles and reduces puffiness around tired eyes. Can also be added to any facial to get the sparkle!

Eye Expert Rs. 800
Royal Signature Facial Thumbs_up
An ultimate restorative luxuriating treatment that uses path breaking oxygenating technology expertly balanced to deliver a firm, radiant and healthy skin tone. This facial takes pampering to a whole new level and takes care of the excess tan, oil using peels, serums, ampoules and masks.

Royal Signature Facial Rs. 3800
O2 Shine Facial
Helps you get rid of dark circles and reduces puffiness around tired eyes. Can also be added to any facial to get the sparkle!

O2 Shine Facial Rs. 3600
Derma Fresh Facial
A thoroughly cleansing & luxuriating treatment while helps the skin get rid of pigmentation using the oxygenating technology, goodness of chamomile, peels, masks & serums and delivers Whitening and brightening complexion to your skin.

Derma Fresh Facial Rs. 3400
Top up your facial with any one of these finishing masks:
Oxygen mask for oily, acne skin
Rose mask for sensitive and delicate skin
Vitamin C mask for pigmentation and anti-ageing
Caviar mask for dry to mature skin (30+)
Collagen mask for mature skin (40+)
Gold Caviar mask for instant brightening of dry skin
Diamond mask for instant brightening of oily skin

‘Must-do’ face care services for people on-the-go. Regular clean ups remove dead skin cells and tan leaving your skin supple and healthy. Available for all skin types.
Lightening Clean Up
(For normal, dry & sensitive skin)
Let your skin feel refreshed and revived with the stimulation of whitening scrub and moisturising benefits of plant & fruit extracts.

Lightening Clean Up Rs. 700
Clean & Clear Clean Up
(For acne, oily and combination skin)
Get rid of excessive oil on your skin with gentle, natural serums that refresh your skin and make it glow.

Clean & Clear Clean Up Rs. 700
Hydrating Clean Up
(For normal and dry skin)
Revitalises dry & dehydrated skin while gently cleansing

Hydrating Clean Up Rs. 700
Rejuvenate Clean Up
(For oily skin)
Effectively removes excess oil, pollution & dirt from your skin

Rejuvenate Clean Up Rs. 700
Acne Defence Clean Up
(For Acne prone skin)
Soothes and calms skin prone to break outs

Acne Defence Clean Up Rs. 700
Polishing Services

Hands Rs. 400
Legs Rs. 600
Back Rs. 600
Full body Rs. 2000