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Haircut for Women
A hair cut can not only transform your look but also make you feel great about yourself. Let our stylists help you try a new look.
After all, routine is boring.

Haircut by Stylist Rs. 600
Haircut by Creative Stylist Rs. 900
Hair Spa
A special nourishing treatment that combines cleansing, hair treatment, steam and scalp massage to restore scalp and hair balance.

Hair upto neck (2 scoops) Rs. 600
Hair upto shoulder (3 scoops) Rs. 900
Hair below shoulder (4 scoops) Rs. 1100
Hair upto waist (5 scoops) Rs. 1300
Jazz Up Signature Facial
(For all skin types except acne-prone skin)
Takes you on a journey of total renewal. Pure pampering, this luxurious facial has essential peels, tonics, serums and masks to brighten your skin and improve its texture.

Jazz Up Signature Facial Rs. 3000